Monday, 21 May 2012

weekend love

There was no miraculous recovery made over the weekend. But there has been some improvement, even if it's ever so slight. We were housebound (apart from a one hour drive/thrift pitstop with the Small) trying to recharge the batteries. 6am and 5.30am wake up calls from that little face above, is the complete opposite of recharging the batteries. I have no idea why, but this virus has meant a lot of unusually early rises from him. Another reason I can't wait to see the back of it. Of course he had a three hour morning sleep yesterday to compensate.

I hope your weekend was better than mine x

{Joining in for Point + Shoot over at lovely Lou's}


  1. Oh love, sorry your weekend wasn't so good and there was no miraculous recovery. Your photos are gorgeous though!
    Are you enjoying light room?
    Hope you all shake that nasty virus this week. xx

  2. Begone nasty bugs, leave my friend and her babies alone. Hope that works, I am magic after all!

    xx R

  3. Your house sounds like ours at the moment. Germy! Apart from the early morning, coughing seems to wear out the little lady and gives us a little sleep in. Wishing you a germ free house SOON!

  4. Hope you're all better soon! Great little artist you have there! Those drawings are awesome! xx


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