Friday, 18 May 2012


Today really kicked my arse. We are still not a well household. Me included. The great thing about families? They just love to share. Germs especially. It's impossible to quarantine anyone. This little guy has been battling the longest. We have just clicked over to three weeks since he was at full health. He's not a sickly child, so I didn't expect the bugs to hang on so long. But I think he was hit with the double whammy. Just as he was getting rid of the first bug, another was brought into the house to whack him again. And I think his molars were trying to make their imminent arrival known today. Again. Just break through al-bloody-ready.

Post afternoon sleep, he was the most miserable I have seen. He cried for everything. He never cries. So I gave up on the dishes. We headed for an early bath. Happy boy again.


  1. Baths fix everything!!
    These are beautiful photos, sorry youve had a rough day {time lately} hope the little dude gets better.
    Love your blog, Im a IG follower but now a new blog follower ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Poor little poppet, glad to see his smiling face again at the end of these shots. I hope you can all have a restful weekend and shake this bug once and for good.
    Feel better lovely, and take care. Sending virtual chicken soup and hugs. xx

  3. Awh, I hate when a lovie gets sick but it certainly looks like that bath gave him a bit of a smile :) This is a beautiful collection of photos!

  4. Oh Tahnee, I feel for you. It's amazing how baths can make any child feel better. Hope he pulls through it soon.

  5. so glad that bath brought that gorgeous smile back.
    thinking of you xx

  6. I love how a bath can change a mood. Every night it changes witching hour, to giggle and fun hour! Gorgeous photos.

  7. Oh the poor little darling, he is so beautiful, even when feeling so poorly.
    Poor you also. There are few things harder than coping with sick little ones... worse still when the entire house is struck down.
    I do hope this week sees much improvement in everyone's health and hopefully the worst of it has passed for the Winter xo

  8. Oh you poor things - There is nothing worse than a house full of sickies especially when you too have been stuck down with it. I hope you are all on the mend soon hun. xx

  9. Damn those germs - we have had them too with me suffering the most in our house.
    I always love a hot shower when sick so can only imagine how much your little one loved that bath.
    Here's to some Autumn sun to kill the bugs and some better days!

  10. I hope you're weekend was a better one, for all of you! Poor wee thing, back to back illness is not fun for anyone! Man he's getting big though! He's certainly not a baby anymore, he's got a real toddler face going on there.
    Finally catching up on my blogs! I can relate to the not ignoring you! Life is busy! Love ya to bits xx


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