Monday, 7 May 2012

weekend love

Wow, I am really scraping the bottom of the barrel with these ones. A highly uneventful weekend was had. I barely picked up my camera. I didn't even feel like snapping. My littlest guy is very unwell. Apparently it's viral. I have my doubts. We've been like velcro for the last five days or so. My spindly arms are surprisingly strong. Carrying him around everywhere while I do what needs to be done. I would love a decent night's sleep. Just one. So would he, my poor darling.

But this week will be better than last. Hubby is home again after a week away and Middle will turn three. Three! And my dad is flying down to help celebrate. Apparently the sun is even going to make a big appearance on Tuesday. I would prefer it for Friday when we are hoping to take the birthday boy to the Collingwood Children's Farm for the morning. Last year it was ten degrees and bucketing rain. We spent the morning at an indoor play centre. Yep. Any other suggestions for indoor family outings should the weatherman be totally cruel?

Hope the week ahead will be wonderful to you x

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  1. love the first one of your hair. i can just see you getting around like that during the day ;) hope eliot is feeling better today. poor little man. it's awful when they are sick and there's nothing you can do to fix it! i'm with you about the camera thing this weekend. i actually didn't pick mine up once. not once! not good, but ah well. xxx

  2. dude, if that is bottom of the barrel then i'dhate for you to see the cream of my crop- because they are WAY worse than these beautiful images! LIKE WAY!

    xo em

  3. Hopefully the sun will shine because that is always far more fun!
    But if it is not so nice ...
    You have probably been to these places millions of times, but if you need an indoor activity, how about;
    Scienceworks (My Mr 3 nephew really likes it)
    The Aquarium (partner took Miss 2-and-some-months last time we were in Melbourne and it was a massive hit, as was the train ride there)
    Haven't been there in about 20 years, but is there still the museum with the Dinosaur skeletons? Would they be a hit?
    Or to see The Lorax?

  4. I've just discovered your blog through Lou's point+shoot and I'm in love with your photos. Can't wait to read back through! My little guy turns three this week too, here's hoping we have beautiful weather!

  5. I always love your photos Tahnee. I am sorry to hear your little man is still so unwell, I hope he recovers quickly so you can have your arm back and maybe get some more sleep. Hugs to you both. Glad to see the rainbow is getting a little work out. Are you kids dinosaur crazy like mine at the moment??
    Hope the birthday goes to plan, my fingers will be crossed for some sun for you.

  6. oh my.
    your barrel bottom is amazing!

    gee you take a great photo. I truly love the way you are able to capture the things in life that are so relevant to you right now. making and capturing a lifetime of memories.

    did you make the cute little satchel in the last photo?

    ps. coveting your win from Jodes. just purchased one for a friend that is having her fourth baby next week x

    1. pps hope your little one feels better soon. its definately no fun when they are sick. i have had my littlest with a throat infection this week. my arms have had a workout too (they are probably benefiting from the weight training!) xx

  7. I'm loving this view of your week
    The hair, the rainbow, the dream words...its all good
    Good luck with the weather too

  8. Ohhh I love these! The one of your hair is SUPER cute. I would trade all the princesses in our house for a few dinosaurs....sigh...


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