Monday, 14 May 2012

weekend love {the birthday edition}

I know, I know. There aren't enough photos. How could I have let the day slip by without taking more photos?!* Ahem.

I am so proud of myself for shooting manually {almost} all week (still struggling a bit with indoors at night time). Knowing I should be and being inspired by this fox, I have been clicking ridiculously, correctly or incorrectly. Who the hell knows? {I don't think I was giving myself enough time to make mistakes. And then learn from them. And this week I had some small pockets of time, here and there, so I played.} Photo overload overload. And it's my blog. So I'll do as I please. And it saves me from emailing a truckload through to mum who missed out on the festivities.

We had a beautiful day, a really beautiful day. My big three year old was in his element. As requested, pancakes were served for breakfast, with rain streaming down outside, we ummed and ahhed about whether to brave the elements and head to the Children's Farm, but the clouds parted and the sun shone warm and bright for the entire duration of our outing, bar the last ten minutes before heading back to the car. And it was fun, hoods on, half walking, half running back. My boy then slept for three hours. Yep. But that's okay, you're meant to stay up late on your birthday. We had spaghetti bolognese for dinner (again, as requested), followed by a number 3 racetrack birthday cake (yep, requested). We skyped mum, Aunty Bree and Uncle Ash while we sang, so they could join in to see his beautiful face light up when he realised he was, in fact, three. {All weekend he asked 'Mum? Am I still three?'}

What a beautiful day. For my beautiful boy.

I do hope there was beauty in your weekend. Especially the mamas.

{Joining in for Point + Shoot with the beautiful blonde}

*this is just a snippet selection..


  1. Happy birthday little man!
    And look at that fancy cake!!!
    We love the childrens farm. My son actually had his 3rd birthday there (almost 4 years ago) such good memories of a fun day.
    Think we might need to wag school one day soon and head up for another visit.

  2. Well done on the manual - they're fabulous - and they tell a beautiful story

  3. Ohhh Happy Birthday munchkin. His eyes are seriously beautiful. So huge and just full of expression. One of mine always asks for Spaghetti too - love the simple things :) xx

  4. Hi Lovely

    Happy Birthday to your big boy, smooches from me and my two. Your photo's, as always, are beautiful and your new hair do.. LOVE IT!!
    So nice to connect with you in this space. Just worked out how to leave you a comment! Ha bit slow on the uptake some times.

  5. Biggest of happy birthdays to your gorgeous boy. The photo's are wonderful, capturing snippets, moments of life, the details that make the whole. x

  6. ahh, they are so lovely! well done on the manual shooting. i'm struggling with it a little, trying to get my dumb head around it!! that boy is seriously gorgeous. seriously!! i'm struggling with keeping up reading this space as well as struggling with my space at the moment. i need to get my mojo back! love these pics so much. bet they brought tears to nan's eyes! ;) xx


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