Sunday, 13 May 2012

52 weeks of grateful :: motherhood

My loves. My little people. My sweet little trio. Because of them, I am one of the millions of women across this great wide world to be celebrated on mother's day. A day to be thankful. Grateful. From both sides of the fence. Them for me, and me for them.

*These were the only photos taken on the day. Bed hair and all. I apologise.

Master E and I overlapped with our morning sleep{in} so he missed the gift giving and breakfast in bed. Seeing as we spent two hours there upon waking, he joined in once he woke.

In all the relaxation that was Mother's Day 2012, I did not get a single photo of me with all three kids. So we'll fake one tomorrow.

{Joining in with another beautiful mama in Maxabella for Kidspot Village Voices.}


  1. I love these photos Tahnee, really captures the relaxing mothers day you had. xx

  2. It looks like a PERFECT mothers day Tahnee - and that mug is just adorable. I love the gifts they make at school and kindy xx

  3. Adorable ... photos are beautiful. Glad you had such a great day! x

  4. love love love x
    paul's not bad behind the lens as well ;)


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