Sunday, 18 March 2012

52 weeks of grateful :: little friends

Little people are intriguing. Their minds and bodies are growing so fast, sometimes it feels like I can see fireworks going off inside their little heads. As if the body is so overjoyed by the job it has, to learn and grow, and consume so much information, that it wants to have a party inside that tiny cranium, each and every day. Is that crazy? Or do you mamas feel it too?

Izzy and Blake are as gorgeous in the flesh, as they are in these photos. Though you can't tell, Blake is sporting that same fiery shade atop his fireworks, as Izzy. Their mama and I became older and wiser together, travelling the world. Okay so it wasn't the entire world {more like central and western Europe and parts of Scandinavia}. Ten years has passed, and husbands and little ones have joined us. Husbands who get along well. Little ones who love to be in one another's company. And it's a beautiful thing to see. Something I hold very dear to my heart. Something I am ever so grateful for. The only downer to these beautiful friendships is there is usually 400+ kilometres between us. But last Wednesday there wasn't.

Rach and I always pick up from where we left off. Which was nearly a year ago. Eliot was just ten weeks old. The kids are always shy to begin, but were soon chattering away and holding hands on the way to the carousel, sharing mini golfing tips and splashing each other in the water fountains. Izzy and Blake even shared their zinc. They must be besties.

Watching little people connect, it warms the heart. Who knows? Maybe those girls of ours will one day, be travelling the world together, living on bread, cheese and beer, eating ice cream and peanut butter from a tub on the steps la Basilique du Sacrè Coeur de Montmartre, celebrating their twenty first birthdays horseback riding in Cesky Krumlov, or spending long, hot, summer days on trains, buses and ferries making their way around the Greek Islands. Maybe.

More grateful souls over here with another gorgeous redhead.


  1. Beautiful photos and lovely words.

    I love those friendships that you can pick up whenever you see each other.

  2. You guys have a wonderful relationship. So nice, and your kids are too cute for words. Something about children that instantly bring a smile to your face.


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