Friday, 3 February 2012

52 weeks of grateful :: baby boy

I am ashamed to say I have struggled to find any kind of grateful in the past week. Ridiculous I know. Like there aren't a gazillion people on earth, far worse off than me, that could find plenty to be grateful for. I've just had a bleh kind of week.

Back-to-reality-blues after returning from holidays. Having to farewell my family again. Always a shitty thing to do. But I am grateful we will see them again in one week when they fly in for our baby boy's birthday bash. Getting the kids back into routine is usually a breeze. We get home and somehow their beds perform some kind of wonderful magic and just make them fall back into routine, overnight. Not this time. For many reasons, the last week of our holiday created tired, tired, cranky, children. Did I mention tired? And I should probably change children to Big and Middle. Small never ceases to amaze me. But then tired and cranky just isn't in his make up (yet). Ruby and Cole are not day sleepers. Ruby has to be utterly exhausted to close her big brown eyes during the day, and Cole is very similar. Today was the first day since getting home that they have not conked out midway through the day. And day sleeps, especially mid-afternoon ones, means when 6.30 rolls around, bedtime does not go to plan. I have mentioned before, we are pretty strict with bedtime and the kids are well rehearsed. At least once a week they don't need to be prompted, they are asking to go to bed around the strike of six. And because they don't nap during the day, they are usually exhausted by 6.30 and asleep within minutes.

My head is overflowing at the moment with all that needs to be prepped for Eliot's party and making sure all is in order for Tim's arrival next weekend. Not to mention starting swimming lessons for Ruby tomorrow morning, beginning new dance class, and all the interviews and shitty bits-and-pieces-here-and-there starting sessions for her new kindy next week.

Eliot is cutting a few more teeth so of course a decent night's sleep has eluded us since returning home. And I have put something out in my shoulder. My left shoulder, which is of course the arm I always use to carry the kids. Which in turn, is giving me an awesome headache. Awesome.

I'm sorry ~ is this 52 weeks of whinge ~ or grateful?

Grateful. Loading today's photos on the computer just now, I saw my grateful staring back at me. The grin, the teeth, the sparkling eyes, the chubby hands and thighs, the full little belly, the {growing} hair, the giggle I can hear through the screen, staring back at me. My baby boy. What a joy he is right now. Third time round and every stage is just as wonderful as my debut. He is learning so, so much. And he is teaching me so, so much. The new skills he is mastering every day, he just keeps surprising me. Even after the shittiest days this week, yelling and screaming at his big brother and sister {who seemingly left their best listening ears back at nanna and pa's}, the little moments in my day when I was smiling, it was always in his presence. And more often than not, because of him.

My sweet, sweet baby boy. How grateful I am that God chose me to be his mum. Oh, how I love him. No matter his size, he will always be my baby.

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  1. he is such a sweetie! gorgeous photos Tahnee! xx

  2. Tahnee, you are spot.on!

    He really, truly is the SWEETEST baby boy!

    P.S Do you know how much of a relief it is to read that someone else out there is as strict with bedtime as me.

    I cop a little bit of flack sometimes from in-laws etc.

    But to me, bedtime really is just that important.

    Maybe I'll relax when I have more than one to manage :)

    You deserve a medal mama!

  3. Loving that shot of your son with the little pram! and I think you have a lot to be grateful for -- because that little boy is channeling his inner sparkle!! Adorable...

  4. Those photos of you baby boy are divine. I can't pick a fave - number two and the the bath shot are just gorgeous!

    Glad he helped you find your smile again. :D

  5. Hello! Just wanted to stop by and say hi...thanks for finding me on Instagram:) Love your blog, xxt.

  6. thanks ladies, naked baby cheeks always have this effect ;) xo

  7. Adorabubble! You know I am feeling you right now - it's been hard to keep focused on what I'm grateful for when it's been pretty gruesome at times. But it's all there, all ready to go, whenever we are ready to look for it. x

  8. ahh, your pics are adorable!!
    I agree, no matter their size, boys will always be mummy's babies!


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