Tuesday, 8 November 2011


After another night of two hourly feeds from the little guy, and another day of waking up with a splitting headache, I opened the curtains to feel even more wonderful to find the heavens had opened overnight and my perfectly dry washing from yesterday (which I thought about bringing in late last night, and decided it could wait until morning) was now dripping on the line. Including every decent bra I own. Bikes left out.  Scooters left out. Picnic blanket left out. Grump.

Chance of showers was today's forecast, with possible late thunderstorms.. TODAY. TUESDAY. NOT MONDAY. Okay, so technically it probably did rain today. In the wee hours. When I was marginally awake feeding Mr E, but too sleepy to hear anything. Grump again.

Following the five minutes it took me to get over the crapiness of the beginning of the day, I enjoyed the stillness of the world and the cool, (too) early morning breeze on my face, while witnessing beautiful childish exuberance as Little Miss couldn't care less about the dampness and only saw a wonderful opportunity to head straight for her boots to jump in all the puddles. The littlest crawled over the piles of washing on the laundry floor to observe, while I picked in the wet wet washing to go back in the machine to ring out. Anything with wheels went back into the garage to dry off. Hubby and Middle were still in dreamland. What a shocker.

Once everyone and everything was safely sheltered again, the heavens gave us an encore and our street became a river. I like that we live on a slight incline at the end of a cul-de-sac.

Chance of showers. I say pfft to the weather man.

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