Tuesday, 15 November 2011

kid art

I love to see the kids drawing. What parent doesn't? And mine do it a lot. E would rather eat the drawing apparatus, but R&C love it. We have a few designated drawing/craft spots around the house, I believe it does wonders for their little imaginations. Cole just turned 2.5 last week and, over the last month or two, his drawings have ceased resembling chicken scratch (adorable as it may be for all his efforts and shining smiles.. 'MUM LOOK WHAT I DREW!!!') and begun to actually look like something. He watches his big sis do everything, and he has finally figured out how to copy a face. This was his self portrait yesterday. 

He drew with such confidence, standing back after adding each feature to analyse what was missing and what needed more attention. Yes, I got the rush of mummy emotion - that wave that passes over you when you see them do something for the first time, seeing their little minds take on one more ability, so very proud of themselves for achieving what they were trying so hard to accomplish {insert feeling of goosebumps, lump in throat, beaming smile, inability to express words}. I especially like how generous he has been with his manhood.

While Cole was mastering the chalk, Ruby was checking to see if she had grown again. Since yesterday. She thinks she has.

We attempted some eight month shots of Mr E.. even though he is, ahem, nine months old tomorrow.. but it wasn't happening. This boy has been on the move for three months and he is so freakin fast now. Sitting still for mum to take some shots just wasn't on his to-do-list. We will try again today.. while he is still officially eight months old..

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