Sunday, 6 April 2014


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.

Ruby / engrossed in her chalk art
Cole / something hilarious..!
Eliot / he loves to play sister's keyboard - of course she hates it

Some favourites / Tiny in the shower (oh the memories of my three doing the very same) / Saxon in the trolley! / Claire's girls / twirling Eleanor / Little Wholff (and some thoughts that I wholeheartedly agree with)

Joining Jodi each week


  1. Our portraits of our lovely girls are quite similar today! Love the juxtaposition of her quiet focus and Cole's exuberance x

  2. These portraits really capture the moment beautifully! I especially love the photo of Ruby!

  3. Not sure if I have ever noted how stunning Cole's lashes are before

  4. I've probably commented about it before, but Cole's eyes are so so beautiful!

  5. Thank-you for including us in your favourites!
    Love your images!

  6. Aren't you the sweetest, Tahnee? Thank you for including my Tiny love. Such a wonderful moment - and you're right about it being a lasting memory. I adore your work, so to be listed among your favourites is a true honour. X

  7. These are so fun! beautiful photos for sure ;)


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