Monday, 10 November 2014

the craft corner / DIY felt crown

So the week got away from me last week and I totally forgot to let you know I was over at The Beetle Shack again for The Craft Corner! DIY felt crowns this month. This one is manageable, even for the beginner.

Some people who seemed scared of a needle and thread asked if you could glue it together - GASP! Kidding. If you love a bottle of craft glue more than needle and thread, knock yourself out. BUT.. you will still need to sew the elastic in.. I can't imagine glue would work for that bit - but I could be wrong. If you have success with the glued elastic, do let me know - it's good to be told when you're wrong!

Happy sewing! Or gluing..


  1. Excellent post! I made one on the weekend for a little 1 year old. Took me about 45mins and it was perfect. I used a spray glue to stick it together then I sewed it.
    I have also used your air dried clay tutorial and made necklaces. My little one will make necklaces as his teachers gifts for Xmas. Keep these crafty post comin!
    Thanks Liz


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