Monday, 1 September 2014

extreme shitness

I cannot think of a profanity worthy enough to use to describe the level of shitness we have experienced here in the last fortnight. That last photo is quite good. Compared to where things went from there.

We are climbing back, ever so slowly. Just in time to get the hell out of this place and head for the sunshine.

Melbourne, every winter you make me like you less and less. I will be overfuckingjoyed to fly away from you.


  1. Oh no sweet I hope you are all feeling better each day, being sick gets you down. But you have sunshine to look forward to very soon yeah!!! Take care and germs be gone. xxx

  2. Love that description, extreme so is isn't it!? We've been smacked the ills this Winter & it has done my head in. Such a helpless feeling as a mama when your chicks are crook :( Hope that the next few weeks start to consistently warm up a bit for us all and take away the evil bugs. Beautiful photos by the way xo

  3. Sooner, rather than later, the sunshine will be in your face & on your back..............we will make you all WELL again xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Oh, no! These photos are so sad. Still beautiful but so sad. I think this plague has just arrived at our house. Please god, I hope I don't get it, too.

    Healthy vibes to you all. xx

  5. Oh Tahnee! I'm sorry to here you guys have been so unwell, that really sucks. I hope you're all on the mend now and that your holiday is just days away?? xx


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