Tuesday, 12 August 2014

meet the herrett family

Last month I flew to Sydney to photograph some families and catch up with old friends and new. Busy and full, with a very strict schedule to fit it all in, including driving all over Sydney (no mean feat!) but my goodness was it wonderful! Sydney turned on the weather - two days of bright blue skies and sunshine warmed my bones and whisked the cobwebs away. Winter.. what winter?

I spent late Saturday afternoon with Michelle and Matthew, and their four beautiful children Aston, Stella, Archie and Lucy. Climbing trees and searching for every pipi on the beach, and swinging as the sun dipped below the horizon and we farewelled the day.

This film is sitting high up on my list of favourites - to make and to watch. I spend a lot of time on these, and so, become quite attached. I never know whether my clients will view them the same way I do.. will they love them as much as me? A little while after I had emailed it to Michelle, she responded..
'Oh Tahnee, that is soooooo beautiful, I am crying! Crying even more than I was last night when Offspring finished, and that's saying something! Thankyou SO much!!'
You can see the full collection of stills over here.

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  1. Best ever. I watched the whole thing and now I love the Herretts. x


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