Monday, 18 August 2014


I do wonder if I will ever have the drive for blogging like I used to. I used to make time for it. And now it has fallen to the bottom of the list - way down where things only get done if I have enough energy left over to do them. Which usually means I don't. Yet when I share a post, I still enjoy it - it's just not a priority like it used to be.

Things change and our priorities move around in all directions, like leaves floating down a river, weaving in and out of one another, overtaking and falling behind. Sometimes the things that are in the lead for your attention are the things you wish were right at the back. But that's life.

We are a few weeks away from a nice long break - from everything. A month off school and kindy, and a good stretch of time away with my family in the sunshine. There is much to do between now and then and I feel as though the tick of the clock is right at my heels, pushing me to just keep moving, yet not trying to do too much after what happened on our last trip away.

I'm not even sure what this post is for - I just felt like I needed to catch up. Post something - anything - just for me. Perhaps I should include snippets of the families I have been fortunate enough to photograph over the last month? But no. That deserves it's own post. Maybe tomorrow..


  1. I know why you posted this. To remind me to go and make some cake, you know, do the important things. I hear you. Sometimes it feels like a chore, and other times you feel the need again. Enjoy your break, and if you don't get everything done before then, know that it is OK. xx

  2. All these bloggers are posting about why they write - I can't answer that question. I can't always find the motivation. Thank you for posting, your pictures are so lovely, I always appreciate them. oxoxo babs

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful snippets, I love seeing what you've been up to. I do understand though it's not easy getting everyday things done let alone adding to it with blogging. I think things have changed with blogging too sadly... Take care and I look forward to seeing you this time:) xxx

  4. Because people like me wait for the joy of discovering a new post of your gorgeous pictures in my blog feed. I love that veiled organist and the Baby Love book.... soooo precious xx

  5. I agree with Sonia, about waiting for your photos AND about the veiled keyboarder player! Is she available for weddings? It would be rather convenient.... ;)

    But I feel absolutely as you do. If I'm not constantly feeding the blog and growing it, what AM I doing? What is my intention? I just write through it - or I write less. It's definitely leaves in a stream. Why is washing always at the front though, Tahnee? WHY?


  6. I love that 2nd photo (and all the others) but that one in particular. I'll bet the baby book is stunning even though you've only shown a couple of pages.....I'm pretty sure your sister was on the same one day Tim Coulsen course I did in Melbourne last August. I flew down for the weekend to do the course. All your photos are so inspiring and I love all the ones where they are not brightly all time favourite of yours was a while back of you in the kitchen early morning making a checking in to see your pics. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  7. I know why for me... I had a family blog and decided to leave it because I didn't like sharing personal things about my growing childs, but other things didn't fit there... and I liked it. Opened a new blog only for my things, but It's not the same. I entered yesterday and missed SO MUCH what I used to do, and the memories I registered, and the format, why can't I do something like that only for my family? I think that's the reason I keep coming into blogs like yours (that and I loooooove your photography).
    And I think web life is changing in faster ways, people prefer instagram and other fast consumed media... and blogs keep getting more and more professional... and I like them beautiful and a little more relaxed.

    Always reading from here. The other side of the globe ;)

  8. Such amazing photos. Lovely! x


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