Tuesday 5 August 2014

a year of motherhood / winter link up

Yes! We've been totally MIA on linky business..

I'm just going to agree with everything Milina said.. there's been holidays (really PROPER ones for Milina!), commitments, full calendars, illness.. and we're both okay with dropping the ball. So we're calling it a winter hiatus. Because that's what you do in winter - stop doing stuff and hibernate.

Anywaaay, the sun is beginning to peek through the clouds a little more often and the days are getting longer again.. there are buds on the trees just waiting to burst open. Spring is on the way and we're shaking off the winter slump. At least if we say it, we can try and make ourselves believe it!

So have a look through your archives over the last couple of months, throw a post together of all your MOTHERHOOD-ish photos and link up. Easy as.

Remember we're over on the website (sort of, almost) daily, Facebook and Instagram (tagging shots with the ever original #ayearofmotherhood).


  1. Gorgeous images! You've inspired me to knock up a post! I'll link up shortly xx

  2. Love, love, love that sprinkler shot. It's gorgeous!

  3. Oh hello gorgeous new blog to follow! Found you via Vicki and Kylie. I might put together a Winter post and come back and link up :-)


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