Friday, 18 July 2014

ten on ten / july 2014

We should really get out of the house and DO SOMETHING next month for Ten on Ten! Another riveting set.. and late to boot. But it's so cold and grey.. the warmth and cocoon like surroundings of home make it hard to leave.

The holidays were lovely and slow, ending with a solo trip away for the weekend to photograph some families, enjoy some ACTUAL sunshine (hurrah!), and catch up with old friends and new. All while I'm searching for the return of my blogging mojo.. I'm sure it's there. Somewhere.

Joining Rebekah on the tenth of each month


  1. We're doing opposites! The 10th seems to be the one day of the month I do something! ;) With how cold it was, looks like a perfect way to spend the day to me. x

  2. Soup with a chip dipper? YUUUUM. Kellie xx

  3. I always love your images. So much beauty in the everyday xx

  4. Yay!! It was so wonderful to finally meet you :) I really need to head your way now xx


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