Thursday, 24 July 2014

getting my shit together

I dream of this quite regularly. Getting my shit together. You?

Can't catch up, playing from behind. Pretty much for the last three years since the smallest small arrived. I was ALL OVER two. Two was a piece of cake. A beautifully iced piece of cake. My shit was TOTALLY together. Three makes you slow, late, frazzled, rushed. And yet, three is AWESOME. Loud, messy and AWESOME. I'll take slow, late, frazzled and rushed over having it all together - any day.

But I would LOVE a couple of successive days of being in control every now and then. Not dotted here and there. So I can high five myself for seven days in a row and then have a shit all over the place break.

I speak nonsense. I see this. But this is the best I've got right now.

Meanwhile I have a bunch of photos sitting in my library just waiting to be shared. Like those ones up there. Just waiting for me to get my shit together in order to share.. they're so patient. They never complain. And look how ace they are? They SHOULD be shared. They understand the vicious circle that is attaining all of one's shit - for a brief period anyway - and then losing it again. Hopping backward and forward between the MUST DO TODAY list and the TO DO WHENEVER THE HELL I GET AROUND TO IT list.

Yep. Nonsense.

Mounting lists and nonsense aside, read this. Simply because it's fucking hilarious.


  1. Aw crap, I'm really in for it whenever kid #2 rolls around. I've only got one and I'm feeling ya on this one. Sad face. BUT...those pictures! Crazy cute, guys :) -Misty

  2. I am always torn between the day dream of having a week to myself and using that week to get my shit together and having a week to myself and using that week to do shit all!

  3. Firstly, you make me laugh with all your shits - that was one clever and funny little piece, secondly; two is whooping my ass so I am definitely not going for three and thirdly; those are the coolest umbrellas ever. Just sayin.

  4. Ha! Just stopped by as I do and NO YOU DI'INT! Thank you, you lovely thing.

    And yes, three is the straw that breaks blah blah. I was just thinking tonight that I used to think 2 was hard. Ha ha ha! What a kidder I was.

  5. ha….i have two…and their at school and there are plenty of days I can't get my SHIT together….I think the fact that I have 12 chooks, 3 cows and huge garden and 13 acres to look after is totally like having that third child! Awesome pics…seriously…they need to be shared. Even if you can't get your shit together, ignore the chores and show us those images xx

  6. I'm not sure I've ever had my shit together! I do really, really want to see what you've been working on lately, but you know I know how hard it is for this catch up to happen. I think my mind and soul is a lot better on me when I accept that its ok not to have my shit together, and that the time and place will come. For now, lets have some cake and talk nonsense! :) xx


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