Friday, 27 June 2014


Last day of term! That sigh of relief when you know the lunches don't need to be packed for over a fortnight - THE BEST!

Lazy mornings and PJ days ahead, spotted with the occasional outing, I am so looking forward to this break. That said, I'm no saint, and by the end of the holidays I will need 48 hours alone. ALONE. So I'm jumping on a plane to go and photograph some lovely folks; some I've met, some I haven't. I love meeting new people this way. I've got room for one more session while I'm there, possibly two if I can do a bit of squeezing.. so let me know.

I'd love love LOVE to give you a bunch of awesome photos to remember your family at this moment in your lives. Because you're awesome. And sometimes we need to be shown just how awesome.

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