Wednesday, 7 May 2014

kritta + willis / married!

So remember when I banged on about shooting my first BIG, PROPER WEDDING?!! Of course you don't.

Well, here it is.

When I make a film for clients, they are the only ones I think about. I don't think about who else will see it. Would I choose a different sequence, music, running time, or photos if I was making it for everyone else who would see it? Perhaps. I'm not really sure.

But this film - this film fits these two lovebirds so perfectly. I think it shows the joy and ease of the celebrations that took place back in March, at the tail end of a 34 degree day, in their own backyard, surrounded by those they treasure most.

Be sure to check out the FULL STILLS COLLECTION OVER HERE (they always lose a bit of guts and clarity when exported to a film).

Music // A Fine Frenzy What I Wouldn't Do // David Gray Be Mine // Pharrell Williams Happy


  1. TAHNEE!!! That was BRILLIANT!!!!! I loved watching every second of that!!!! So perfectly put together!!! Awesome work!

  2. I am super duper impressed, Tahnee! Gosh, this must have taken ages?? I am so hopeless with the whole video/slideshow editing but wow - you make it look worth the effort! this is outstanding, well done! xxx

  3. You just keep on blowing my socks off gorgeous girl. I am soooo proud of you! xx

  4. Beautiful work. Well done. x

  5. You are so talented Tahnee!! So awesome xx


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