Monday, 28 April 2014

the craft corner / photography tips

I was over at Em's on the weekend, talking photography. I do love to waffle, so it's a long one, with plenty of photos. That's a given. I talk about the Portrait Police, taking shit photos, and forgetting perfection. If you need a little boost to encourage your relationship with your camera, go and have a read.


  1. Not waffle at all!!! You gave great advice - I hung off every word. And thanks to you I've got the nifty fifty out again. Just a quick question...I keep reading about white balance and it's something I haven't got my head around at all (I think my camera does it super well for me!? But I could be wrong). When I look at my photos I think the white balance is OK - but maybe I don't know what I'm looking at!!!!!! Do you change your white balance settings each time you pick up your camera??
    Michelle @

  2. that's a brilliant post thank you x

  3. I read your post at Em's yesterday and it was awesome! Thanks for your honesty, and for letting me know it's okay to take sh*t photos! x

  4. I loved it! I've been admiring your gorgeous pictures for a while now Tahnee and I hope to be half as good as you one day :) I'll be looking into that 50mm lense. Thank you for sharing your pearls of wisdom.

    Sophie xo

  5. I really loved reading your post over at Em's yesterday. You impart so much feeling into your photography, and I loved that a lot of your tips weren't really about the technical aspects of taking a great photo. I agree with Kym, what a relief to know we all take sh*t photos sometimes!


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