Monday, 17 March 2014

kritta + willis / preview

The weekend before last, I shot my very first BIG, PROPER, NON-REGISTRY OFFICE wedding. And while the registry office ones were lovely to do.. sinking my teeth into a WHOLE day of shooting with preparation, a big bridal party, decorations, music, dancing.. was bloody fabulous. I can't believe how lucky I was for Kritta and Willis to be my first couple. They made my job so damn easy.

The nerves were there in the morning as I packed my bags and checked my list 27 times, but as soon as I got in the car with the music loud and the breeze on my face, the nerves just disappeared. And never returned.

I expected to be dead on my feet by nightfall. But even as I drove away from the party, nearing 10.30pm, I was buzzing. What a beautiful introduction to this wedding game.

See a preview to Kritta and Willis' big day over here.

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  1. So bloody awesome. Can't wait to see the whole story x


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