Wednesday, 5 February 2014

ten awesome things

In no particular order of awesomeness, except the first one. Number one is DEFINITELY NUMBER ONE. Yep, it's mostly photography related.

1/ Oh Yellow Balloons
2/ Confidence and motherhood (particularly the images - simply breathtaking!)
3/ This lady and her camera - like nothing else
4/ This 365 project - so, so good
5/ Letting go
6/ Click click
7/ Kids Were Here
8/ Pretty much everything Claire does
9/ The Craft Corner
10/ More motherhood

Yep. Bit cheeky on that last one but ten awesome things sounded better than nine. And it really IS awesome. Totally unbiased opinion of course..

And still not sure why I didn't dedicate a whole post to tooting my own horn on the regular, year-long guest posting gig over at Em's.. school's back and my brain has had to work properly, remembering 739 things a day, for the first time in eight weeks. Ahhh it hurts.

More shameless self promotion which I know you just LOVE..

Find A Year of Motherhood on Facebook HERE, and Bloglovin HERE.
Make sure you watched THIS, and saw THESE. Thankyou SO, SO much for all your beautiful comments and praise.
Keep an eye out here and here for the final instalments of BABY LOVE / A Maternity Series - it's coming very soon - promise!

I'll be back later tonight to draw the winners of the stuck on you giveaway, so make sure you've entered! And if you don't want to enter, there's a funny little video there that might give you a laugh if you've had a bad day..


  1. I loved going through all of your links:) And I especially loved those last photos of your sister, so beautiful and the light so soft, you really are a very talented lady:) I've found a couple of gorgeous photography blogs too and Wishing you a lovely Thursday. xx

  2. Thanks Tahnee - I now have a few unreal more blogs to follow. (I love your a year of motherhood!) Kellie xx

  3. Hey you, thanks so much for the love. I'm thrilled to know you rate my Project 365. Really thrilled. x


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