Friday, 28 February 2014

a year of motherhood / the link up

So we are 59 days into our 365 project, A Year of Motherhood. To date, it has proven to be enjoyable, fulfilling and on more days than I had expected, challenging.

Milina and I have both felt the back to school routine slump this month where leisurely, carefree holidays are all but forgotten and we are back to the clock watching grind of daily life with smalls. Perhaps a little dramatic there.. but some days it feels as though that's all I see. A giant fucking clock, tick tick tick.

I welcomed the new year with great, sparkly, creative gusto and it seems to have fizzled over the last few weeks of this month. But I am pushing through to get back to where I want to be. There is much to do, but some days it all seems too much and I am unsure where to begin. But like someone famous once said - just start.

Milina and I are so VERY grateful for the response we have received from you all since we began A Year of Motherhood. Such warmth and generosity of words and spirit - thankyou! So many of you - mothers - seeing our snippets of everyday life, with no words or explanation, and understanding - fully. The mess, the chaos, the love, the laughter. The great stuff, the normal stuff, the hard stuff; the stuff that will break you by the end of the day when you are waiting for your husband to walk through the door only to hear your phone beep, telling you he's stuck at work and won't be home before the kids are in bed. That.

From the beginning, we set out to include you in our project. But as motherhood goes, time flies past and there is always too much to do, plans are made but not always carried out.

We want to see your photos. Your Year of Motherhood.

At the end of each month (barring January because we were both sucked into the boggy quicksand that is back to school/end of holidays crazy) we will be hosting a link up for you to share your photos of motherhood. Milina and I will share a handful of our favourite images from the month that has passed (this month we're combining January and February) and we invite you to do the same. You can link up here or over at Milina's and your post will appear on both lists. If you don't have a blog but would like to be involved, we would love you to share your moments on Instagram with the hashtag #ayearofmotherhood.

We can't wait to see how YOUR Year of Motherhood looks!


  1. I love your project and seeing the beauty in those everyday moments of your lives, those hard days, those magical days and those funny days too. I detest the clock some days argh, always watching and then having to race out the door to get there just in time:) Have a fantastic weekend lovely. P.S. Love that photo of your two in the shower I think it's such a classic. xxx

  2. I'm enjoying this project immensely, Tahnee. It's a daily visual hug. x

  3. I just love finding little notes like that x

  4. I really love this project and super excited to join in!

  5. This is one super project that I want to be a part of too! There are so many things that make up our lives as mama's!

    Sophie xo


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