Saturday, 18 January 2014


This morning our windows and doors are wide open, welcoming the cool change that we have waited for all week.

Wherever you are across the globe, you will know that we have just experienced the hottest week on record in Melbourne. Over 35 degrees the first day, then above 41 degrees the four days following. Everyone and everything has been pushed to its limit. It is just not normal to live in that kind of heat.

Many parts of our country have been ablaze; some continue to burn. Each night, my heart has ached as we watched the news, to see conditions worsen. Our courageous fire fighters braving the most awful conditions to save homes and lives.

I'm so very grateful the worst of our week was simply feeling hot and uncomfortable. Our home was in no direct danger from fires, even as they burnt in surrounding suburbs, and we were lucky not to experience any power outages. I hope you made it through unscathed too.

I guess they don't call us the sunburnt country for nothing.

Music / Peter Combe / Australia Hooray


  1. I'm so glad a welcome relief to the heat has reached you today I've been feeling for you down there. I hope that some rain comes your way to put out those fires. Gorgeous gorgeous video, you are such a talented lady. xx

  2. So good, Tahnee! What a horrid week it was! Bring on this, much cooler, week! xo


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