Thursday, 5 December 2013

the uber christmas gift

I think I have a fairly classic style. That is, if the meaning of classic stretches to include being somewhat tight and fairly uninterested in clothes shopping (always with small children in tow - no wonder), so when I actually DO buy something, it needs to be simple, versatile, timeless (or at least with a for several years expiry date).

I have to say I am the same with jewellery. I do change my earrings every day because I like a little pop of colour that generally doesn't match anything I am wearing. I have countless pairs of studs all different colours, shapes and sizes. But my rings stay the same - engagement and split wedder, soldered together so the diamonds on my wedding bands don't spin around to the bottom and bang on everything. I never wear dress rings. I seem to alternate between a fine silver bangle and pink Thomas Sabo bracelet, both gifted to me by my sisters for being in their bridal parties. My watch band broke too many months ago to remember so I am currently watchless. Do you know how hard it is to find a thick white leather watch band?

That's my standard kit. That, and my necklace. A small rectangular pendant with my kids' initials engraved toward the bottom. It was a gift from my sister and brother-in-law after we had Cole. I still remember she and my mum walking into the lounge room, late in the evening, Letterman was on, about a week or so after Cole was born. I was dog tired and waiting up for his 'before I go to bed' feed. Husband had been to collect them from the airport and she gave it to me shortly after walking in the door - then promptly spent the next ten minutes hunched over the bassinet, staring at Cole cocooned in warmth, in all his tiny glory. I loved it from the beginning.

There have been very few days in the past four and a half years when I have left it hanging on its hook beside the shower, where it lives when not around my neck. When Eliot arrived, they had an E added for me. It is scratched to buggery having been used as a teething apparatus for both boys, and the chain broken and repaired once, and I still love it just the same.

And now I have something new. Something simple, versatile, timeless. This time it's round. And it goes so perfectly with my little rectangular piece of love that hangs daily, close to my heart.

You would have to have been living under a very large rock not to recognise the name uberkate. Kate Sutton is both founder and designer of uberkate, who wanted to create unique, personalised jewellery, connecting family, friends and loved ones. She had done just that.

Adding my new ubercircle to my much loved and battered necklace, really gave me a lift - something I had not expected. I love the gentle clinking noise it makes as the pendants bump together and there is a sweet happiness as I feel the little extra weight around my neck for the first time in almost five years. That little extra weight that holds a double meaning for my choice of simple engraving. It makes me feel as though my little timeless piece of everyday jewellery, is complete. The funny part is, I never knew there was something missing.

If you lean toward a timeless piece of anything at all, make it an uberkate creation. The choices are wide and varied and as cliched as it sounds - there is most certainly, something for everyone. Kate will be taking Christmas orders until 16 December so you've got a little time up your sleeve to make your choice and make your loved one's special day, extra special. Feigning surprise and wonder when you open YOUR OWN uberkate creation will also make it extra special.

See Kate's entire collection here, keep up to date with everything here.
I was generously gifted an Uberkate necklace and absolutely love it!


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