Sunday, 15 December 2013

on losing your shit

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I take my hat off to single parents. Especially with three or more children.

Since we arrived home from holidays last month, I have been flying solo 95% of the time. And I'm buggered. My patience has left the building. The end of year exhaustion has well and truly hit. Like a bus.

Two days ago I felt on top of everything, being patient with the demanding smalls who seem to have lost their manners and gained a hunger for fighting with their siblings, even more than usual. I was even handling the after school meltdowns from Missy. We finished up school on Friday and a wave of relief washed over me. We made it - through our first year. All in one piece.

I knew I was nearing my limit late yesterday but also knew relief was in sight with work this afternoon and an extra hour of Christmas shopping and hot coffee in hand, stuck on the front to save my sanity. Two minutes before I am ready to walk out the door I hear my beautiful, big, musical snow globe crash to the kitchen floor. That was my undoing.

Farewell leisurely shopping stroll. Farewell sanity. Hello blubbering mess.

An almost hour long drive to meet with clients, I played the music LOUD, windows down. Both to blow away the foul mood.

I met Kristen and Willis and all was forgotten. They showed me their beautiful big backyard, where they will be married early next year. And I will be there to capture it for them. We chatted and laughed and Kristen told me their engagement story. We drove to the dam for some photos and they sent me home with a VB box of lemons from their three lemon trees. Yes, I think their wedding will be something special.

I should think of something witty to say about making lemonade when life hands you lemons. Or stick a wedge in a G&T. And I'm not even a drinker. Maybe I should start?


  1. Oh no:( I do love the windows down and blast of good music, always makes me feel better. Your photos are just gorgeous of Kristen and Willis, gorgeous rich colours. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead with happy little people:) xxx

  2. My do I empathize and after reading this post and seeing your lovely photos, my I need a job that'll save my sanity like yours!!

  3. Oh my! Oh Dear! So sorry to see the magical Snow Globe go (at least it can be replaced) The silver lining is always in front you, all the time. Thank you to Kristin & Willis for saving your sanity & making a rainbow shine from within. You are a wonderful Mum & you have 3 beautiful smalls & you will be OK. Love you xxxx

  4. oh, my yes. I was teetering all weekend. Thankfully, I have learned from previous years not to put the good shit out at this oh-so-delicate time of year. That, and most of it has been smashed! But, you know, kids. And magic, and Christmas morning, and not long till ham. Have a sweet day!

  5. Oh the globe! :( I've been with you on losing the shit too. Jenson in particular has been very, very trying. Sleep is an issue! A much needed night out on Saturday restored a tiny bit. Thank goodness for Kristen and Wills, and a job that you so love! Deep breaths hon xoxo

  6. What a gorgeous couple. Oh an as for losing your shit... I am in that club too hun losing it left right and centre. i blame the end of year, Christmas craziness and hormones... or something like that xx

  7. Oh my gosh! I used to work with Kristen! *Hi Kristen!!*


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