Thursday, 19 December 2013

christmas at the beetle shack

Well here's something else to chalk up for 2013. ANOTHER guest post over with Lady Em and her Beetle Shack. Of course you remember the last one. Ahem. Who cares if it's mostly rehashed Christmas craft. Isn't that what they call vintage? Way cool apparently.

That coconut ice up there, is something we didn't do in time for the post, otherwise I would have included it. Personally, I've never been a fan but I have seen the lust some people can show towards it. But this isn't just your standard coconut ice - it's RASPBERRY and coconut ice. With real raspberries in the pink bit. GAME CHANGER.

So I made it to package up amongst the goodies in our teacher gift baskets. And then proceeded to eat about half the tray myself. And it makes a DAMN BIG TRAY. You can find the recipe in the latest issue of the Donna Hay mag. For me, I never use as much sugar as Donna's recipes say, I find her sweet recipes to be a little too sweet. For instance, if it asks for a cup of sugar, I would probably use 3/4 cup.

This recipe is basically just a big tray of icing sugar. I baulked at the quantity when I first read it - 1.28 KILOS of icing sugar. Erm.. what the?? So I didn't use the full quantity but it's still huge. I also left out the food colour in the pink part because my raspberries made it plenty bright enough for my liking.

I never liked coconut ice because it was just too sweet for me, but the added raspberries in this version cut through the sweetness just enough to give you a little bit of sour amongst all that sugar. Bloody brilliant. Another batch is on my baking list for the weekend. Add it to yours!

And if that doesn't take your fancy, go and see some old faithfuls at Em's.


  1. I feel the same about coconut ice, but I reckon I could go a real raspberry batch too. Your pits over at Em's is a killer, Tahnee. You are all sorts of wonderful Christmas cheer!! x

  2. I loved the look of this recipe but then I read it - and what is with the 1.28 kg of icing sugar?? What kind of stupid measurement is that???
    That said - I will try them as soon as I remember to buy the stupid icing sugar

    Yours look amazing!!


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