Sunday, 8 December 2013


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013

Ruby :: that's one tired girl - she came home from a birthday party yesterday morning on a high and within fifteen minutes she was like a little statue on the couch. One week to go my darling girl..
Cole :: I suggested a new advent calendar (of sorts) this year which has been met with sincere enthusiasm and delight. This kid shows such joy when he realises he really CAN draw great stuff - by himself. It is by far the best one we have done yet - and not once have they asked where the lollies are?!
Eliot :: post impromptu snooze midway through Toy Story, he came to see what we were making with all the buttons.

My favourites from last week came from Megpie - the hats, the baby teeth, those little faces!


  1. Lovely shots of your children, I think there are a lot of very tired bodies around at present :)

  2. Beautiful captures! Love the mood and light in each. :)

  3. Ruby looks so worried in this shot. Exhausted. My kids tend to get wound up rather than down, so I like a quiet sort of shot like this. x

  4. Cole's drawing is fantastic. Love Eliot's inquisitive face too.

  5. Poor Ruby, she looks so tired. Bless. x


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