Saturday, 9 November 2013

FORD choose your own adventure challenge / roadtrip

Six weeks ago we were delivered a beautiful new Ford Territory Titanium to drive around. The timing could NOT have been more perfect. The start of school holidays. We made the most of it and roadtripped all over town, state and country.

In all honesty it feels like we have had Whitey far longer than six weeks. The last month and a half has felt like one HUGE, AWESOME roadtrip.

We did things.
Went places.
Saw people.
That we wouldn't have without her.
She's been good to us.

Music in VIMEO clip
Rose Royce / Car Wash
Jason Fichera / Fast Car
John Mayer / Dear Marie

This is the third and final adventure post to appear on the blog as part of the FORD Choose You Own Adventure Challenge Series. This is not a sponsored post, all views and opinions of the Ford Territory Titanium are my own.

Special thanks to my dearest friends for allowing permission to use photos of their smalls.
And my nan for showing patience when the kids were banging on her beloved piano.

FORD Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge / COMFORT
FORD Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge / PASSENGER


  1. I really love this video you've done. I can see how much time and effort has gone into making it and my fingers are crossed that you win, you deserve it:) xx

  2. Great video! Now I am itching for travels. Looks like an amazing car, you guys are so lucky to have seen such beautiful things!

  3. I adore that photo of you all, Tahnee. The video is terrific. x

  4. I adore your blog and your photos. It looks like you had a blast with the Whitey the loaner car!
    But there is something that has irked me about your Ford posts. Please don’t take this as a ‘troll’ post of a mean spirited comment only a friendly nudge…
    Contrary to your disclaimer technically this IS a sponsored post. While your content and the views expressed are your own unbiased opinion, you were given a car to drive for 6 weeks on the proviso that you write 3 blog posts about it. That is sponsorship.

  5. Love it! what a great challenge and how lovely to get to drive around in super dooper new car! love the photo of you and the smalls xx

  6. Holy dooley Tahnee, this is incredible! All the best hon xo

  7. love it, well done, video is awesome.

  8. I love the video! It is awesome!

  9. Girl, you are so dam talented, that video is fantastic. Great job xx

  10. Girl, you are so dam talented, that video is fantastic. Great job xx

  11. What a gorgeous video, you are crazy talented Tahnee. I really enjoyed watching that.


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