Wednesday, 27 November 2013


So, I know it's been all look at the lovely photos I took (no really, DO look at them) since I got back from holidays. I use the term loosely.

Life can be so cruel sometimes. And then show you that bastard silver lining that makes the cruel part seem the teensiest bit less cruel. Like, I'm talking a smidge. The smidgest of smidges.

A few hours after I posted this (yep, more self promotion), I was on a plane to the Sunshine State, absolutely, completely, utterly, fucking exhausted. I usually work myself into the ground before a holiday. I have no idea why. I mean, it's such a great idea, and so much fun - why WOULDN'T you do it?!

But this time I had myself to blame. You see I mixed the flight dates up. I thought we flew out Sunday. We flew out SATURDAY. The week prior to leaving was planned down to the hour in order to get everything done that needed to be done. Business, home and personal fronts. I sabotaged myself (I'm good at that) and lost AN ENTIRE DAY OF PRODUCTIVITY when I needed it the most. THE MOST.

When Jetstar sent me that lovely flight itinerary reminder late Thursday afternoon and my blood ran cold and the sweating finally stopped, I worked. Through the night to a ridiculous hour of Friday morning because it was the only way I was going to make that plane with everything ticked off my list. And I don't mean clean the bathrooms list. They stayed filthy. I mean proper, IMPORTANT STUFF list.

The headache was already there on Thursday, the one that tells you STOP! SLEEP! GIVE ME A BREAK WOMAN! But when that isn't an option, you down some panadol and keep going. Little more than twenty four hours after arriving on our so called holiday I had the after hours doctor giving me strange sensory tests and jabbing me in the rear with some kind of magic serum, in my parents' kitchen, to keep my head from exploding. A couple of days later, I spent some time in hospital with the word MENINGITIS being thrown around.

Thankfully my neck wasn't stiff enough and my blood was too nice to continue the Meningitis discussion so they pumped me full of fluid and panadeine forte, and stamped me with a diagnosis of middle-ear-infection-on-top-of-upper-respiratory-infection-on-top-of-VERY-nasty-viral-infection. Very clever, those medical folk. And super nice. That part is serious.

My mum sat beside me the whole time, stealing blankets from other beds because I was so cold, and proclaiming the new hospital cafeteria THE BEST she had seen, including consumption of THE BEST pie she had ever eaten. Big call. My sister entertained Missy as she packed her house up to move (Ruby's idea of heaven - labelling boxes with a giant texta), and my dad took care of the boys taking them to the cafe for milkshakes. The kids didn't miss me at all. Though dad was pretty worn out by the time we returned home.

And that silver lining? If my self diagnosed exhaustion (aka the middle-ear-infection-on-top-of-upper-respiratory-infection-on-top-of-VERY-nasty-viral-infection) had decided to arrive while I was NOT on 'holidays', I would have been well and truly fucked. We have little family support here at home, the kind where you can drop the kids and run and not have to explain a single thing and they would know everything they need to with little care for an end time or date in sight.

While I spent half my holiday bedridden and unable to be with the kids in the pool, at the playground or on the beach - and the other half running at about 70% (enough to hold the camera up at least, most importantly) - they were in good hands. The best hands. My family's hands. And I thank them for that. Thankyou x

*A handful of these photos toward the beginning and end were taken by my sister while I was passed out in bed


  1. When you work yourself into the ground, the ground is always waiting. I'm so sorry you were so ill, Tahnee. Wake up call! Sigh, we never listen. You still pulled out some beautiful photography, though. x

  2. Wow lady. You did work yourself into the ground. I am glad you were able to see a wee bit of the silver lining. Please take care of yourself! so important for us to do!

    And I too think you pulled off some absolutely beautiful photography. (please tell me you use a Nikon.... or is it a Canon you use to get your shots?) xxoo

    1. Thanks Rebecca. Yes, I am a Nikon girl but in saying that, I don't think it matters what camera you use, it's entirely up to the person using it as to what the camera can produce xo

  3. Give yourself a break hon. Nothing on a list is more important than your health. NOTHING!
    Apart from the illness, it looked like a lovely time with the whole family.
    Magic, Magic sunrise shots. Can't wait to see the whole series.

  4. Oh Tahnee, that is so full on. Sounds like you need to prioritise you a little? (Far far easier said than done, I know!) At least your photos are glorious. Truly glorious. Kellie xx

  5. Oh my goodness, crazy times! These photos are just absolutely beautiful, so glad you had your family around you and hope that you're able to slow down (who am I kidding, none of us ever slow down... me included!). Best wishes

  6. beautiful. everything.
    hope you feel better.


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