Monday, 14 October 2013

ohhh shit

That was how my afternoon went.

Tonight I was meant to be at the Oh Happy Day & West Elm Design Blog Party. Apparently I am cool enough to hang out on Chapel Street by invitation only. Who knew?!

Instead of enjoying a child free evening out to restore my wavering sanity, with a dear friend and perhaps meeting some new ones, those children of mine drove me to breaking point and swiftly pushed me over the edge. Late afternoon, I screamed to the heavens when I went into the playroom to find not an inch of carpet in sight. They pulled out as many cups, bowls and tupperware as possible to play that old fave, tipping water, mixed with some milk and leftover popcorn for good measure, which of course ended up soaking through the many tea towels they were working on, spilling all over the table and floor. Right before dinner. Which they spent five minutes taste testing before leaving enough behind to rehash into a serious adult sized pasta salad and sweet potato mash for their father. Who was meant to be home late because of work commitments. Who then turned up early. Because said work commitments were cancelled because of this hideous fucking weather. It didn't occur to him to update me.

But it wasn't his fault. The fault lay entirely with me. I had unknowingly sabotaged my own sanity saving evening. One I had been so looking forward to. Which I knew was the FOURTEENTH but had written on the calendar for the SIXTEENTH. I had even reminded the husband several times that he had agreed to come home early ON THE SIXTEENTH to allow a smooth handover and getaway. Even having filled out mountains of kindy paperwork last night, signing and dating 13/10/13, it still hadn't dawned on me that today was in fact the FOURTEENTH.

My friend messaged me mid afternoon - are you still okay for tonight? Tonight. Tonight? Doesn't she mean Wednesday night? Ohhh shit. The light bulb above my head glowed blindingly bright as I realised what I had done. I had to leave my friend high and dry with no sidekick or post party coffee date. With the husband working till late - or so I was told - and no one to call for a safety net/last minute saviour before it all fell to pieces and turned to shit, there was no other option than to miss out.

And it wasn't even about the party. Sure I was looking forward to meeting some other bloggers and getting a good look of the new West Elm store, but mostly this night out was meant to be a little breather. Post school holiday breather. School holidays that were spent entirely with my children at my feet. And one in particular who chose the most ordinary of behaviours. One who chose every opportunity to yell and fight and cause havoc. It was meant to be a good excuse to dress up nice - maybe even a bit of lippy - and drive away from home not having to do the dinner/bath/teeth/bedtime routine.

To round things off nicely I cleaned my filthy bathroom, had a steaming hot shower, and ate a very large piece of cake I made late this afternoon knowing it would aid greatly in drowning my self inflicted sorrows. With a very large cup of tea.

Whoever says there is no sound evidence to prove women's memories turn to shit after having children are lying through their damn teeth. Please tell me I'm not alone and you too have cocked up a date? Time? Place? ANYTHING?!


  1. Oh Tahnee! You either need a big hug or a stiff drink... Or perhaps both! These 'oooohhh shit' moments and days happen to the best of us :) I would say quickly organise a night off to make up for this crappy one.

    Sophie xo

  2. You are not alone. We all cock things up from time to time. We are all human, but when I start cocking things up here and there, I take it to mean that maybe I need to slow down somewhere and cut down on some commitments somewhere.

  3. I hope you get a breather tomorrow. Those days suck balls. xo

  4. Oh yes yes YES! I have had days like this. MANY! They happen especially when you need them most! I'm so sorry you missed your night out and it was a snowballed disaster affair. I hope your day comes again really soon. Xxx

  5. ooo shit you have just become me! Every word i read i thought....OH THANK GOD SOMEBODY FEELS LIKE ME!!! i cant remember a thing...EVER! i get no time, my kids trash the house and life is on groundhog day repeat mode and they picked chaos as that day of choice! I hear you mama, i feel your pain...we all do! OH BOY YOU ARE SO NOT ALONE!!!!! you have to come check out my post here from last week....see my kitchen.......feel my are not alone! HUGS XXXXX

  6. I needed to read this today. I am not alone! Maybe you should organise a night out with your friend anyway!

  7. You poor thing! Hope today is far better. There will be more parties!
    Kellie xx
    PS this sounds like something I, & many friends I know, would have done. Life is so crazy busy, I'm always worried that I've stuffed up something major.( I just tried for 5 minutes to get into the wrong car.)

  8. I totally understand that post holiday respite. hope tomorrow brings you a better day.

  9. Yes, pretty much everyday I manage to stuff something up. Half the time it's because I'm so disorganised (apparently a diary would help with this!) but also because baby brain is a very real thing, at least that's my other excuse :-) To make you feel better - Look after yourself, Mel xxx

  10. Oh babe. I just want to hug you and laugh at the same time because "YOU said the F word" bahaha. Big hugs gorgeous xx


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