Wednesday, 23 October 2013


My sister and nephew have been in town for a few days. The quick trip was in honour of the Mrs Carter World Tour and from all reports, it was well worth the trip.

When she called me for my birthday last month she said she wasn't sending my present in the mail because she didn't trust it would get here in one piece. I forgot all about it and was pleasantly surprised when she presented me with said gift once home from collecting them from the airport on Monday.

This is what was inside.

There were tears.

Remember this post? Yep. She saw it and contacted Shannon, gave her a little description on what makes us who we are and et voila!

I just couldn't believe how spot on Shannon got everything. EVERYTHING. While our little characters all have the same faces, they do NOT all have the same faces. The slightest difference and positioning of our mouths changes everything. The kids' characters look like the kids! Middle too cool for school, the Small with a warm, cheeky grin, and Missy with her gentle yet enthusiastic smile. The husband in his beloved Tigers' guernsey and me with my camera and coffee.

Looking at that picture of us together, that was the first time that five people looked like a lot. Like, wow, we made three children. Three children who love dinosaurs, Peppa Pig and watermelon, and art. He escapes the madness to the footy every now and then while I use the coffee to fuel the photographs. Perfect.

I love it so VERY much. Thankyou sis, bro-in-law and nephew! xx

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