Wednesday, 28 August 2013

springtime teaser

Everyone can feel it. The seasons are moving. Sharing a quick hello and goodbye as they pass each other on the wind. We can feel it, smell it, see it.

We're playing outside more, wearing fewer layers, even tip toeing out to feel the grass between our toes sans gumboots and woolly socks. I've even dropped Ruby at school a few mornings in the past week without a jacket or scarf. And it's wonderful.

I am grateful this Winter - saying her farewell in the most energising way - has been so kind to us. Last year she was horrid. So very cruel. She brought illness after illness. This year she came with good health and milder temperatures. The cold is behind us and the week ahead is an echo of twenty somethings.

Afternoon tea and dinner were served outside this evening. The kids played until I called them in for a shower. I picked the clothes in at six o'clock. A tiny luxury Winter had withheld during her stay. I picked and folded and watched my family through the kitchen window. Freshly showered smalls, huddled on dad's knee for tonight's reader. Ten minutes of peace and stillness in the comfortable evening air. Today the sun shone just enough to bring the fairy lights to life at dusk, for the first time since Summer.

Spring is here. And she's bringing much needed rejuvenation.

Hello again Spring, so lovely to see you. Please, come in, make yourself at home - we've been waiting for you.


  1. It is wonderful isn't it?! We have had a very kind winter but I am happy for the warmer change, it lifts spirits! xo

  2. I can't tell you how happy I am to have her back again! xo


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