Thursday, 18 July 2013

shine brighter

I haven't been here for a while. I mean really here. Like with anything interesting to say. Lots of photos and links and, er, that's about it. Something has shifted lately and the old blog has slipped down a peg or two. Or five.

My mind has been elsewhere and I'm okay with that. I've been trying not to overdo things, fit so much into my days. I read a quote recently that went something like we overestimate the amount of things we can do in a day but underestimate the amount of things we can do in a lifetime. Bells were ringing because I am a list maker. I like to make lists with too many things on them, tick things off and fall into bed at night knowing I have accomplished stuff. Mostly useless stuff. But stuff all the same.

The lifetime list is pretty huge. I'm not afraid of that one. Because getting/doing/seeing the things you really, really want seems so much easier than ticking off clean bathrooms. I take photos. I love it. I'm working hard on being better at it. I'm forgetting the fear and the tiny taps on the shoulder of doubt and practicing what I preach to my four year old - look the way you're walking! A little inspiration never goes astray either.

I have good intentions of getting back into a better rhythm here because it really does help to clear my head and keep me on the right track. I'm scribbling notes, things I want to remember, things I want to share, to see if you want to remember them too.

Until next time friends, shine brighter x


  1. thank you for this post Tahnee. You spoke my mind. I think that life moves in cycles and how can we, as creative people always be on top of our creativeness while blogging. I believe it goes in phases, like the moon. Shine on Tahnee. xxoo

  2. I really love this post Tahnee, you say so many things that resonate with me right now, thank you and thank you for the inspiration I really needed that:) I love your posts, your photos when ever you pop in. Take care and shine. xxx

  3. gorgeous message Tahnee...I too am struggling with the whole "finding time to do stuff" scenario and then when I have time for things like blogging, I'm at a loss as really what I even want to blog about. Keep doing what you are doing...making those lists, and allowing yourself the priveledge of ticking them off one by one gives a sense of achievement that all us mums can willingly appreciate. Thanks for sharing this wonderful sentiment....shine on too! xx

  4. It really is so good to share where our minds are, and it's always OK for our focus to shift. When I'm focusing on one thing, it means other stuff is a bit out of focus. That's OK. I'm learning that. Sometimes it's all about the boys and their phases, sometimes it's all about me, and sometimes, like now, the focus is on transitions and building a better future. You sound like on the right track. xx

    1. You sound like *you're* on the right track. x

  5. I'm feeling the same today actually. As a relatively new blogger I feel like I'm talking to myself a lot of the time, but you're right, it clears the mind. So i'll keep on keeping on!
    Liv x

  6. Miss you, friend. So good to "hear" your voice here. Oh, how I can relate with the list making... (clean bathrooms, ugh!) hoping your time to jot down ideas leaves your mind clear and feeling refreshed! Ps- even if you only ever posted photos I would still be happy! ;) xo

  7. You always have something interesting to say. Either in words, or pictures.
    I really liked the quote, and the inspiration. I needed those today.
    And I really love your scarf.
    I get you. You do your own thing, and that's cool, that's just one thing that I love about you.
    You are the shiniest of shiny :) x

  8. Sometimes a place to jot down some notes is just what we need. x

  9. Helllo my gorgeous fellow list lover. Sometimes youhave to do what your soul needs and just sometimes that may just not include words. You are doing what you love, with the people you love and that is what matters xx

  10. Such a wonderful Post. You are totally on the right track! I always love a bit of inspiration too and I loved the link you Posted, thank you - I'll be trying to be in "manifesting" mode from here on in :-) If I wasn't a week late reading this Post I would have guessed you were about to have a bit of a blogging break but that isn't the case - sometimes all that is needed is to get those thoughts written down xxx

  11. I know exactly what that feels like. Even the fact I am commenting weeks after you've written speaks volumes, but here I am and trying to catch up and keep on top of something I like to do - blogging.


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