Tuesday, 30 July 2013

baby love / a maternity series

My baby sister and brother-in-law made a baby. Hurrah!

I'm forcing her to let me document her journey into motherhood. The first instalment of BABY LOVE, a monthly maternity series documenting mother and baby's journey toward birth, can be seen here. You can see the full collection of stills and words over on my other blog.

Music in Vimeo clip / Sarah Humphreys / Looking for a Face


  1. Wow you look so much alike. I always wanted a sister. I tried to convert my brother once, but obviously it didn't work. How lovely to look at a pregnancy through removed eyes.

  2. Awesome song choice to go with your beautiful shots

  3. I love that you are going to document your sister's pregnancy! I'd be so thrilled to do that for my sister! (And I can tell you're going to do an awesome job). You're such a clever girl Tahnee! x

  4. I don't doubt that she loves the shit outta you already, but she's really, really going to love the shit out of you after this.
    Stunning imagery. Breathtaking journey. Very inspiring.

  5. Oh isn't she gorgeous! And so much like you Tahnee!!! x

  6. Hahahaaa that is sister love "I'm forcing her" . Congrats on the new Aunty-to-be status xxx

  7. Hurrah! That's wonderful news Aunty Tahnee. Your sis looks so much like you. You are going to have so much fun documenting this one. Good sister! x


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