Monday 10 June 2013


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013

Ruby :: 'I'm going to paint the house, mum. I think I need my glasses.'
Cole :: his legs seemed so long as I watched him climb that tree
Eliot :: my baby has no fear of animals.. the poor farm cat ran for cover when he realised he'd be squished pretty hard

Last week I really loved these. It was lovely to see Jodi mention our portraits from last week, in this week's wrap up. Those people are still standing outside my window, looking in.. they were decapitated a few times this week by an eager escapee toddler out the door, but a little sticky tape made everything new again.


  1. Those are some swish glasses Ruby!
    I had a wee tree climber this week too. They are growing so fast.

  2. amazing shots!!! especially the first two. faves for sure

  3. Tahnee! These shots are absolutely gorgeous. I agree with Lily, faves for sure! just awesome shots. Cole in that tree is simply gorgeous.
    PS are you on flickr? xo

  4. You are on a ROLL! Mischief, curiosity, warm saturated colors... I'm hooked, for sure. Hoping you and the kiddos had a lovely weekend!

  5. Love the expression on Cole's face!


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