Friday, 10 May 2013

ten on ten :: may 2013

An ordinary day in most ways. The few differences were wonderful ones - attending a special Mother's Day performance by the preppies at Missy's school and some simple birthday prep before our biggest boy turned four over the weekend. The excitement and business of the weekend ahead mixed with being in and out of the car most of the day meant photography was sporadic and fairly ordinary. Next month will be better.

Did you join in this month?


  1. Such beautiful photos, an ordinary day, but you see it so beautifully!

  2. gorgeous photos. i love the way you capture your days, your pictures make me smile. beautiful!!

  3. Loving your pictures Tahnee...

    Sophie xo

  4. YOU AM I !! Love me some purple sneakers! Nothing ordinary about the beauty you see in the small things, Tahnee. Thank you for sharing x


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