Sunday, 5 May 2013

photography love :: part two

I look at a lot of photography blogs and websites. There are so many styles and techniques to be seen, sometimes it's all too much and I have to walk away from the computer. So much talent, so much creativity, so much confidence. How is there room for everybody? With all that creative flair? Truckloads of it. What makes us different? What makes us stand out from the rest? Honestly - sometimes nothing. Sometimes nothing to one person - but sometimes, something profound to another. And that's the beauty of photography. It lies in the eye of the beholder. There are so many stories to be told, so much emotion to be felt, so much beauty to be seen.

It seems like too long since I shared my last bunch of favourites. So here are some more creatives (or creative collaborations) I have been watching for a long time, or a little. Hopefully some will be new to you and you will be able to read their stories for the first time, their picture books, their tales. Maybe you will find nothing. Maybe you too, will find something profound. Something to make your breath catch in the back of your throat. To make you stop scrolling and linger. Linger, and hear the story - feel the emotion - see the beauty.

Unlike last time, I'm not going to tell you anything about these talented folk. If you feel the desire, you'll find your own way. You'll click through to their little spaces on the web and you'll find magic, or you won't. Simple as that. Enjoy.

El Hogan // Wildflowers Photography // Lakshal Perera // The Itchy Eyes // You are my wild // The Parsons // Lamb Loves Fox // Kristen Marie // Bek Grace // Jessica Deane // Deanna McCasland // Ben Adams // Kids Were Here

*In most instances I have linked through to their blogs rather than their websites because that's where I like to adventure. I feel, that's where they let you in and give you more of themselves..


  1. I am just like you Tahnee I get lost for far too long in photography blogs. Thank you for sharing some of your new favourites, there are many new ones there for me to get lost looking at. And thank you for the link to the blogs that is the best part:) x

  2. love these posts, Tahnee. I, too spend long amounts of time perusing those beautiful moments captured by such creative souls.

  3. thanks for sharing Tahnee - I love a good wander

  4. ... and so many different styles too. i get seduced off in so many directions!

    I love the bright vibrancy and colours of your pictures.

    rachel xo

    ps thanks for your sweet words and wishes.

  5. I love that feeling when you find pages like the above links an you simply cannot leave the screen.

  6. This is so fun and really sweet. How often we grumble and tell our kids to "clean up that mess" but your photo's make it seem that mess is the perfect decoration for our homes. Beautiful.


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