Wednesday, 1 May 2013

the post with no title

I have wanted to be here this week, perhaps just not enough to hit the keys with anything of real importance. There are plenty of posts floating around in my head, nothing new there. Real life has needed my attention for everything and nothing in particular. You know how it goes.

My boys and I went into the city together yesterday to run an important errand. I was too busy watching their little faces light up at all the new sights and sounds of our beautiful city on a perfect autumnal day to take too many photos. Hopefully the want to share will be there tomorrow. Until then..


  1. Gorgeous!

    And in a strange way - I can almost picture their excited little faces :)

  2. Lovely photo - and oh, how I completely feel you! Real life has taken over for us as well, I feel like I've neglected my poor blog (and the ones that I normally stop into!) Happy May to you, hoping life has been wonderful over on your side of the world :)


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