Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Four seems so big. So much bigger than three. I swear he looked taller and wiser as he snuggled next to me and whispered, Is it morning? Is it really my birthday?

Remembering his day..

:: obligatory birthday crown
:: presents opened in record time
:: riding his new bike round and round the kitchen
:: he chose a day at the zoo to celebrate
:: 25 degree autumn day in shorts and tees
:: chief map readers
:: picnicing, ice creams, carousel, playground
:: mid afternoon meltdowns, sleepy car ride home
:: birthday boy's choice for dinner shared with wonderful family
:: valuable lesson learned - check gel colour stash to make sure you still have black to make fondant road because chances are your local supplier will have sold out too and your Route 66 will have to be a very unauthentic brown..
:: full tummies and late night movie
:: cuss, what a magnificent day


  1. A day at the Zoo, Pizza, Ice Creams, Presents and Cake!

    Sounds like a full on, amazing fourth birthday!

    Lovely photos.


  2. Looks and sounds like the most magical day. How was that weather for you! The ages watching the seals -wow!! I think the cake looks amazing anyway. I love how you put so much detail into everything.
    Happy Birthday Cole. Four is getting big, isn't it. xxx

  3. What a perfect day for your four year old man! All of those autumn leaves golden in colour - I love it! Love your pictures Tahnee...

    Sophie xo

  4. Oh i love the zoo! what a great looking day...such wonderful autumn colours and one very happy birthday boy x

  5. Utterly gorgeous photos Tahnee
    I think 4 is way older than 3

    (do you mind me asking which lens you have on most of the time? Am looking for the perfect lens for everyday moments with the kids/at home etc and you seem to specialise in that!)


  6. So many beautiful moments captured. Yes, 4 seems so much bigger than 3. He is beautiful. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous boy sweet mama xx

  7. What a beautiful day! And seriously best cake ever!! xo

  8. Happy Birthday Cole! Looks like a fantastic day was had, and the cake is great.

  9. What an amazing cake - you are marvellous! Happy, happy birthday big four year old, and happy, happy reminiscing Tahnee!

  10. THIS is the kind of stuff that makes me just think you are the most ... wonderful person!

    Those children o' yours are going to tell their children about their AMAZING childhoods, & it'll be courtesy of you.

    Seriously. Beautiful.


    Cherie (raising master Max)


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