Monday, 15 April 2013

weekend love

I must confess my laziness when it comes to teaching Big to ride her bike without training wheels. We've been saying for well over a year.. we better get rid of those training wheels! Yep. Wheels came off, hubby gave her a push, she yelled LET GO!, and away she went. Like, not even a wobble. Yep, should've done it a year ago. Middle gave it a go too, but he's a bit of a speed demon and still too busy looking at the scenery instead of where he's going.. I don't want to bust up that beautiful face just yet.

Way to rub salt into that lazy-arse parenting wound, my darling!! The joy on your face as you rode away from dad, was unforgettable.

Did you learn anything new this weekend?

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  1. Gorgeous! I love that she was so ready to soar! Beautiful images Tahnee, as always x

  2. great pics. i guess when they are ready to go, they are ready to go!

  3. Go Ruby!! Woohoo! Look at her gorgeous face, so excited and proud.
    No lazy arse parenting either. I taught myself to ride a bike when I was about 11!
    Love the little toenails. Reminded me about Monday morning when I quickly thought about checking Ruby's fingernails and had to quickly wipe all the nail polish off.

  4. fantastic photos, well done ruby! how exciting to ride with no training wheels x

  5. Hello, I found you through Em's blog, those little toenails are too cute! Well done on the bike riding too, great photos xx

  6. These shots are so good, Tahnee! You'll want to remember these forever, such an amazing thing being able to ride a bike on your own for the first time!

  7. What a contrast in training wheel experiences we had last weekend! Our big girl screamed, wobbled and then screamed and screamed for her dad to put them back on. We had people actually come over to us to check if she was OK. We'll just have to wait patiently for her to get there, and enjoy, just like your Big did!


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