Sunday, 24 March 2013

weekend love {the old husband birthday edition}

Well, weekend love - why so long between visits? No time to blog and then think by Wednesday it's a little lame to be blogging about last weekend when you're almost at the next one? Me too!

I really had the most WONDERFUL weekend. I spent Saturday morning capturing Jody's beautiful family both before and during a sweet little party for both birthday girls in the household, feeling far more like a guest at the party than the photographer who was meant to be capturing it. Thankyou for such a beautiful morning, my friend xx

Saturday afternoon was slow and easy, doors wide open and a beautiful breeze blowing through the house, baking late in the afternoon and tucking the kids into bed nice and early, enjoying some stellar tele (no pun intended) while wrapping the birthday boy's goodies (none of which have to be returned - some kind of miracle!).

Today has been wonderfully slow (again!) and seriously enjoyable. Some early editing and steaming cuppas in quick succession, a celebratory birthday breaky once the master of the house had risen. Lunch with the in-laws - who actually brought the lunch with them! - followed by the scrummiest dessert I've had in a long time. Donna Hay's coffee meringue brownie (Issue 59, 10th birthday edition - sorry, she hasn't published this beauty on her website!) teamed with Nigella's one step no churn coffee ice cream. Oh sweet coffee heaven! The boy asked for a chocolate cake. He loves brownies and coffee. I made the executive decision that this combo would be way better than a boring old chocolate cake. He was suitably impressed.

So did you consume a ridiculous amount of calories this weekend too..? Do tell.

*I first saw Nigella make this ice cream on her latest series Nigellissima, and distinctly remember her saying she whipped the ice cream mixture for about 10 minutes.. perhaps (and highly probable) my memory fails me but it took less than TWO minutes! The recipe calls for instant espresso powder. I wasn't impressed with buying a jar of instant anything that would take up space in my newly sorted pantry, just for four tablespoons of the stuff (single recipe calls for two tablespoons, I did a double batch). I popped open a couple of coffee pods and was satisfied with the result in all it's dark speckled glory.


  1. aren't home made cards the best? we encourage them around here as well. looks like you all had a great week!

  2. Beautiful photos.

    That ice cream looks so delicious, as does that birthday cake!

    Such joyful family photos.


  3. wow - that ice-cream looks the bomb! and those adorable images...Oh, I just can't help but giggle at the delightful grandpa holding his grandchild just the sweetest! Sounds like a magic weekend xx

  4. Gorgeous Tahnee and that Grandpa (assuming he is Grandpa) looks like the most awesome Pa in the world xx

  5. That dessert looks amazing. Might have to try and find the recipe somewhere.

    Man I love your photos. Please come to Sydney and take photos of my family......x

  6. My goodness Tahnee. These photos!! So FLIPPIN GREAT!!
    I'm so pleased you had a slower weekend. I hope you are feeling better for it.
    Did the kids have the dessert too? If so, how were they with the coffee flavour?
    Looking back at these photos, so good, SO GOOD!
    Oh, loved The Beetleshack post too. Well done you!
    School finishes here on Thursday. Definitely keen for a catch up over the hols.
    PS - Happy Birthday Paul

  7. We loved having you, thank you again, so so much. xoxo

  8. Oh I so love the homemade card, and the cake looks DIVINE! I just found you through Em's blog, and have sent you an email! :) Rhi

  9. Ohhhh that birthday dessert!!!! YUM! Looks so good, will definitely have to hunt that down. I initially thought you made a lemon meringue pie and was going to say snap as was my hubbies birthday treat too. But this brownie, oh he would love that so much more x

  10. These photos tell such a beautiful 'heart' story. You have a talent sweet mama xx


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