Friday, 22 March 2013

this week

This week there have been moments of spare time and motivation. Unfortunately these moments couldn't manage to get themselves on the same schedule. So I've been catching up on The Block (woop woop Phil & Amity!), Revenge, Private Practice and staying up really late bawling my eyes out with Parenthood.

I'm so glad today is Friday and the weekend is here. I get to spend time with a beautiful friend tomorrow and put my work shoes on in the very same outing, I'll be doing some baking for the old birthday boy, hosting a celebratory lunch where I only have to supply dessert, and helping my little craft guru create an Easter bonnet in preparation for the big parade next week, on her last day of term (yesssssss).

So what are your plans? Are you as happy as me that end of term is here already? Were you as rapt as I was that Phil & Amity won The Block Allstars? Any birthdays in your household this weekend too? Ever had to make an Easter bonnet? Enough questions for you? 


  1. Happy weekend, I just wanted to say your house looks so deliciously cosy and that playdough is such a good colour, what would you call it pastel watermelon? We are going to the Vic Market tomorrow morning and painting all afternoon!

    1. thanks so much ruby! the playdoh was our first go at jelly playdoh. I usually make it with food colouring - this recipe I used made THE BEST playdoh I have ever made - I will post the link to the recipe. we used strawberries and cream aeroplane jelly (which is what gives it the colour) and the house still smells the same whenever the playdoh is brought out! hope your day was lovely - it certainly sounded lovely and relaxing :)

  2. oh your week looks so full...I can't wait till the end of Term. I feel like I just bumbled my way through this one, quite unsucessfully I might add...and I can empathise with the moments spare not marrying up with motivation! Happy baking and bonnet making xx

  3. How great are the bean bags? I hope you had a lovely time with your sister and little Rome down. Hasn't he grown so much already. I'm looking forward to end of term too, had a little taste of thd holidays this week, as Ruby was unwell and had 3 days off school. I think it showed just how tired she was as the cold the others got really knocked her out. Hope you have a great weekend. I look forward to seeing how it all goes. No birthdays this weekend, but a big one next week with Mila's birthday being on Easter Sunday!

  4. I love you home, Tahnee. It reflects, colour and happiness! Love that little easel on the playroom table too. What a novel idea.

    Bring on those school holidays! X

  5. Just magical. Your photos... SIGH. x

  6. I just love all of your photos they are filled with such happiness! And yes I was so thrilled that Phil and Amity won, I loved their house. Their kitchen and little loft area rocked, plus total genius to add extra bathroom by way of the laundry. Super smart!

  7. My word! These photos are ridiculously stunning.


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