Thursday, 14 March 2013


Last Christmas, my friend Milina gave me Sarah Humphreys' latest album, Hello. I've been in love with Sarah ever since (my daughter too). So when I checked her tour dates and found she was headed our way, an email was swiftly sent to my dear friend, along with another - one of those friends you feel you have known forever, yet in reality, have never met. A perfect chance to finally meet.

Sarah's voice is captivating. On the album, she is incredible. In person, she is beyond incredible. What's a word for beyond incredible? Phenomenal? Unparalleled? Wondrous? I have goosebumps while I'm writing this. Which is exactly what happened on Saturday afternoon as she strummed her ukulele, put her lips to the mic and began to hypnotise us with quite possibly, the sweetest voice I have ever heard.

It was hot, 37 degrees I think. No air conditioning. Think natural sauna. The sweat was dripping from every imaginable (and unimaginable) place and when we tried to stand, we were stuck to our seats. And all of that was okay - to be there, with old friends and new, to meet Sarah, to chat to her as if we had met many times before, to hear the beauty of her voice from just a few metres away. It was more than okay.

Make sure you check out Sarah's latest video, Boy Wonder.


  1. Ah wow, I must listen to her music. The photos are great, they capture the heat and the music so well. Also I love Pure Pop records, I grew up right near there. I miss living in St Kilda!

  2. Yes I know the feeling. I've been to see her three times now. I'm so lucky she lives nearby. Lovely photos. x

  3. Love your photos Tahnee, looks like you guys had a great girlfriends time of it :)

  4. I had the best afternoon with you. Thank you. xo

  5. You made me cry! Not just the 'tears in the eyes' kind either. I've been meaning to read this since I saw your insty post. Thank you so much for blessing me with your beautiful ears to sing to, I feel so lucky to have met all three of you that day. You and people like you truly are one of the only reasons I keep singing and keep playing shows. x

  6. She is magic! What a beautiful tribute to her. Hoping she comes Brissie way soon. Hope your week is lovely :) x

  7. LLOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE! And can I just throw it out there that her Paul is looking rather fetching right there too.

    Such happiness!

    I'm getting to my emails today m'lady. I'm going to love all over your creative self, promise xxxxx


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