Sunday, 17 March 2013


They've been hanging around for weeks. And totally screwed up my weekend. Following the relentlessness of unhappy children and handing out medicine at the demand of the big hand, I cracked. A simple trip to the chemist and then to the shops for necessary supplies, two painfully exhausting children in tow, was my undoing. Plus the headache. The throbbing headache that comes, without fail, every rare opportunity I take, to sleep in. To try and take some time for myself to catch up on weeks of early starts and late nights and disrupted sleeping, taking care of a sick household. The cruel irony is just so.. cruel.

On Friday I experienced quite a humorous parenting low. I can only say it was humorous now, because it turned out okay. After five and half years of packing one, two, three children into the car - wherever it is that we have been - then packing the pram into the boot, I missed a step. Late in the afternoon I checked a message on my phone from a friend - I've got your pram, you left it on the footpath! LOL. I assure you I was not LOL-ing. How the fark do you forget to pack a bright red pram into your car? When I collected it from my friend she said, Hey! Could have been worse - you could have left a kid in there too! This is true. Though I'm pretty sure I would have noticed fairly quickly if I was down one kid whereas prior to receiving the message from my friend, I had no idea that my boot was empty and the pram, nowhere to be found. We laughed and laughed, even through the embarrassment of my parenting low. She knew how rough the last couple of weeks had been, how little sleep I had managed in between the restless nights of a sick household. I am truly grateful for her friendship. And for knowing how to fold up a Phil & Teds so she could take it home for me.

When I retold the story to my mum, she laughed that laugh that almost makes tears well in your eyes, and then told me about the time she had done the same thing. She left it at the trots one night after piling us all in the car - the only difference being, when she went back to get it in the morning - after realising what she'd done - it was nowhere to be found. I didn't feel so silly after that. Thanks mum.

So, ever left your pram/kid on the side of the road? Or anywhere for that matter?!

*Yes, my windows really are that filthy, after the pest control man came to kill all the spiders hiding in our brickwork and eaves this week - liquid death dribbling down all our windows..


  1. Oh Dear Tahnee! I am laughing but not at your expense - It's amazing what lack of sleep can do to us! Can't say I've ever left my child or her pram behind (I only have the one). Hope this week goes easy on you!

    Sophie xo

  2. Oh love, I really hope these bugs eff off for you soon. I haven't done that, but I have forgotten my wallet when grocery shopping and not realised until the I needed to pay, all items put through check out. I've a family member who once went to the shops and when she got there realised that one of her children was still at home, buckled into car seat, on top of the washing machine.
    What's with the spiders? We have a ton too!
    Hope this week is better for you xxx

  3. children sick is the pits..i remember months of it a few years ago and I still to this day have anxiety attacks remembering how horrid it was on all of us...we were all so so sick. As for the pram...well I'm glad you can see the funny side. I once got my pram out of the car ready to put my child in, but got delayed as you do and was busy fossiking around in the car...someone tried to help themselves to my pram....lucky i noticed and politely told him to bugger off! My dad once left me at Coles once...I was six. He has never lived it down.

    Hope this weeks brings much needed relief to you all Tahnee xx

  4. Oh i hope all your lovelies feel beautiful and well again soon. Wishing you long and restful sleep that lets you wake up feeling energised. Hugs and what mum hasn't left something behind before :)

  5. I was the child left on the side of the road. First year in high school. Mum forgot to pick me up. Turns out she realise when getting ready to dish out dinner. New school and back before the days of mobiles so I had no idea how to get in contact with her. Thanks mum.

  6. I had to claim my pram loss on insurance, imagine having to share that story. Sure they thought I was loopy.

  7. Sorry to hear the germs are rampant at your place Tahnee :( It's so so tiring isn't it?! I swear my two have been playing tag team with viruses every fortnight since Nov last year. It's just plain exhausting. We're headed to Mauritius in 6 weeks and I just cannot wait for everyone to get some fresh air, some sun, and some salt water to get rid of the germs once and for all. Here's hoping they leave your house soon too :) PS - downloaded Sarah's album yesterday, loving it, thanks for the tip :) x

  8. Never lost a pram or a child but have been known to leave bags of shopping behind!!
    Hope all the bugs are out of there pronto and you're getting some sleep soon!!

  9. I didn't even notice the window. Just felt for you... so many times I have had to double check if I'd put the pram in or the last bacg of shopping or my handbag, and now where are tghe keys? I hope you get some sleep and health very soon.

  10. Oh Tahnee, I did have to have a little giggle! But I do hope that everyone is on the mend now. We've had some germs here thins week, but thankfully they are clearing. Be well. xo


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