Tuesday, 26 February 2013

weekend love {picnic party edition}

Our weekend was filled with more indoor, air conditioned play (so grateful for all this rain in Melbourne today!), and prepping for a little party for our big two year old. Just a small family affair at a nearby playground to keep the kids entertained (and perhaps, selfishly, to keep grotty little chocolate cake covered hands off my new couch.. ahem).

I headed here to find a good location, something new for the kids to enjoy, and decided on our chosen playground because it offered a huge undercover area given the warm outlook, with half a dozen big tables and bench seats which I thought would be ample for a Sunday morning party, just in case there were a few other families there too. How wrong I was. We turned up at 10.15am to find two elderly men, laid back in deck chairs with beer in hand, and white table cloths covering EVERY SINGLE TABLE UNDER COVER. Don't panic Tahnee - think of a Plan B! I picked a spot between two big trees with some big boulders that we could use as tables to keep the ants at bay. Our little party swiftly became a picnic. It wasn't ideal, but my wonderful sister moved quickly and helped make everything pretty and orderly.

The kids had a wonderful time, getting hot and sweaty on the play equipment. We shared morning tea and watched the icing melt off Peppa's chocolate buttermilk layer cake gumboots (which of course, I had spent hours on.. why didn't I consider the heat when making the bloody cake?! Lesson learnt..), then we sang to our boy and chopped up the melted gumboots. Still delicious!

We retreated back to the air conditioner in the afternoon, lots of playtime with the birthday boy's new toys. Hubby had to work in the arvo, right through to some ungodly hour of Monday morning, so I was left on my lonesome to flake out on the couch and enjoy the flash bathrooms the Blockheads had come up with, followed by Mr Holmes and Miss Watson. Yum yum bubblegum - on both counts. Total girl crush on Lucy Liu ever since she did Ally McBeal.

I hope your weekend was a lovely one too.

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*Guess what time the old guys finally got some company to sit at all those tables? 12.30PM!!! Around the same time the other three family parties in the playground were wrapping up.. it's okay old men - you sit in the comfort of the HUGE shaded area that could have easily housed 150 adults and small (some, even brand new) children from the heat of the day. Another ice cold beer? Pfft.


  1. A lovely birthday celebration.
    The biscuit numbers are very neat. What recipe did you use to keep them from expanding in the oven?

  2. yay for your improvised picnic! sounds like a lot of fun :) but actually I am totally loving your shot of the kitchen sink. a still moment of domestic life right there.

  3. What a gorgeous fun party. I love having a party in a park because you are not left with a huge mess to clean up at home and the kids really have fun running around and playing. I've been caught out with a cake under a hot sun resulting in my masterpiece icing sliding onto the plate = crushed after all the time spent making it perfect but I know the kids still think it is just as special no matter what the cake looks like when the candles appear to be blown out. xxx

  4. Ive read your blog for a long time, and I love it...First time commenting though- We had my sons 2nd birthday yesterday- park party planned and we arrived early to deck out the one table there, only to find a homeless man laying across the table with no shirt on, large belly hanging out, cigarette in his mouth and a suspicious liquid in a cut off coke bottle. And his 'wardrobe' drying on the bench seats.
    BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE. I eventually asked the lifeguards (its near a beach) to ask him not to smoke in a childrens playground and he thankfully moved on just before the guests arrived. Thank goodness for antibacterial wipes!!

  5. Happy second birthday! it is an important one, still a baby but so much more the kid they will be!

  6. What an absolutely gorgeous birthday celebration and you made everything so special. xx

  7. beautiful photos! Looks like a great party. xx


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