Monday, 14 January 2013

in the spotlight

My little blog gets to have five minutes of fame in the spotlight today. Thanks for choosing me, Bron! A long list of lovely ladies have graced that inspiring space, long before me, so I'm rather chuffed to be listed among them. Bron has thrown a mix of photos into the Village Voices post. You can find my original post here.

Hopefully I'll be back later with a stills collection from holidays.. if I don't drown in the editing first..


  1. You must be thrilled Tahnee! It was a lovely post. x

  2. Go Tahnee!
    Although you deserve waaaaaaaaay more than just 5 minutes in the spotlight.
    Just saying.

    Keep up the awesome work oh favourite blogger of mine. x

  3. Yay Tahnee! Bask in your 5 minutes of glory girl! You have a wonderful 'space' and it should be recognised with all the hard work you put into it :)

    Sophie xo

  4. Wow. As a young married, child-less lass I can't relate to your featured post, but seriously, I can appreciate. Such beautiful honesty - go you!

  5. Yay!! So glad you're in the spotlight! So deserved! xo

  6. It was a pleasure to feature you, Tahnee. I absolutely love your blog. x


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