Wednesday, 5 December 2012

snap it {wrapped up}

If I'd been paying attention last week, to this week's topic, I could have used these.

Ruby watches me wrap. Probably from around the age of 3 she wanted to do it herself. She loves washi tape, any excuse to use the washi! She had made beautiful drawings to give to her cousins last Sunday as part of their Christmas presents. I love her concentration and seriousness of the job at hand. On this occasion she took photos of her handiwork. I have no idea where she gets it from. Ahem.

This week marks the year's end for Snap It. A whole year! Thankyou so much for hosting us all so beautifully and thought provokingly, Sarah! I've really enjoyed the challenge each week, only missing a handful here and there.

Lots more {wrapping up} of things over at Faith Hope & a whole lotta love, for the very last time in 2012!

*heart washi and 'handmade' stickers from here


  1. love the new header!
    I have some washi tape addicts here too - -they've put it on their santa lists

  2. Oh please... If I brought out the washi tape that would be the end of it! Sunny already manages a roll of sticky tape in a week! She wraps everything in her path to give to her baby cousin :) Very sweet. I love how excited she gets to wrap and give presents!

    Sophie xo

  3. Adorable! She will be giving you a run for your money soon!

  4. love her little wrapped creations! Washi tape is the best x

  5. Oh what a sweet little girl you have in Ruby! Perfect little handmade treasures x

  6. What gorgeous wrapping! & I love the reindeer paper too. Thank YOU for joining in for 2012. I have loved your images, each & every one of them. Sarah xx

  7. Hehe how sweet! My Ella is exactly the same!Any chance to do any kind of craft and she's there :)
    Ellen xx

  8. So sweet! I want to join in snap it next year! Xx


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