Monday, 26 November 2012

weekend love

The aftermath of the vomiting kept me busy in the laundry pretty much all day Friday. I only showered after the kids went to bed! Thankfully it all passed quickly and that was the last we've seen.

Saturday morning Ruby and I headed off to our mothers' group Christmas party while the boys stayed home with dad for some much needed rest. It was a really lovely morning catching up with my beautiful friends (and some of their lovely hubbies). Five years on and still going strong with 20+ children between the dozen of us. We all managed to make it - bar one who is currently living in Canberra - so we'll forgive her absence. We missed you Rachel!

It was really hot in Melbourne on Saturday. After lunch we retreated to the comfort of our air conditioned indoors while we prepared for Ruby's first dance concert. Great excitement, perhaps equally from both of us. Our plans were changed slightly when the Fabrootzies had to cancel babysitting duties after my sister came down with a tummy bug too! Quite ironic given our earlier conversation, making sure Cole was well again so they would be able to babysit, as I didn't want to pass on any germs. Turns out someone else shared their germs with her. So hubby stayed with the boys and while he never said it, I know he was disappointed to be missing her first concert. She did brilliantly, smiled and remembered the routine. And above all she had so much fun. She hit a wall around 9pm and whispered in the darkness mummy, I want to go home now. We scurried out of the auditorium. We were those annoying people who make you turn your knees to the side to let people pass at a most inappropriate time. Whatevs.

A day at home on Sunday, which seemed just as busy as if we had to go somewhere. We put the Christmas tree up, but didn't manage full hall decking, just bits and pieces, here and there. Hubby had to work late in the day and the kids were exhausted. So it was porridge for dinner and lights out. I was so looking forward to sitting on the couch to enjoy the first night the tree would be lit up. Turns out I threw out one set of lights last year. So I just enjoyed the top half of the tree lit up. This will be remedied this morning!

So is your tree up? Or are you one of those strictly 1st of December ONLY people?

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  1. What gorgeous pictures! Ruby looks like a little darling in her dancing costume :) Tummy bugs are just awful! Glad it's all over for you. Love that crafty Angel... WIll have to make one with my Sunny.

    Sophie xo

  2. What gorgeous pictures! Ruby looks like a little darling in her dancing costume :) Tummy bugs are just awful! Glad it's all over for you. Love that crafty Angel... WIll have to make one with my Sunny.

    Sophie xo

  3. Super fun weekend (despite the vomiting aftermath)
    We only have a ballet concert every two years - am kind of not missing the lipstick and buns this year
    Love the bikkies!!!!

  4. your children photograph so beautifully. i love your skirt - is it a skirt? gorgeous. xo

  5. Those images of you and Ruby are STUNNING, Tahnee! She looks so grown up in all her dancing attire :) You make very pretty babies with heart breaking eyes ;) No Christmas tree up on our front yet, we have to wait until we can move into our new house, I'm pining for that first night on the couch with the tree all lit up, it is certainly very magical x

  6. OH these photos are GOOD. Too good! I really like where you're headed with a camera - it's going to be somewhere amazing!
    PS- the bath photos make me wanna go up and tickles those toes! :)

  7. You made the Rudolph cookies!! Yay! Were the antlers tricky?
    The photo of you and Ruby is stunning, STUNNING!! What a shame Paul didn't get to go to the concert, but I'm glad the tummy bug didn't stick around.
    We are doing our tree this weekend. I'm normally not organised enough to do it any earlier. Even this weekend is pretty early and organised for me. I can't wait to have the smell of pine wafting through the house.
    I was just asking Jenson who all the people were in these photo's. He knew everyone, except he didn't recognise Cole because of his haircut :(

  8. The tree is up! how fabulous! Hubs is making me wait until December :(
    I love the photos of you and Ruby, so gorgeous. Hope you have a lovely week. xo

  9. oh the amount of fun you can have with a cardboard box! :) x

  10. Oh there is much to love here Tahnee!
    Your children are so photogenic and I can see where they get their looks are stunning.
    We have the peppermint bark on our list and I think I'll now be adding the Rudolph cookies :)
    No tree as yet, but the kids are hounding me to get it out.

  11. Ahh the ballet concert! Should have read this before I emailed you :) Ruby looks so cute, and so excited!

    Our Christmas tree is going up this weekend... we've not been strict 1 December people before the advent calendar activities but now that we do that, I save the Christmas tree til 1 December because it's one activity knocked off.

    Hope the vomiting bug stays away now! It's been such a bad year for that (up here in Brissie anyway...) flus and vomiting bugs going around and around for months.


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