Wednesday, 7 November 2012

snap it {on my mobile}

I couldn't make my mind up on these two.
A bump that will be no longer in just a few short weeks (squee!).
And my beautiful boy with all his beautiful locks chopped off (sob). (When the warmer weather appears, he sweats so easily, especially at night. His long hair gets stuck all over his face and in his eyes. I never want to cut it, but there are plenty of things we mothers have to do that we don't like doing! He sat so still for the hairdresser, and when she had finished and asked him if he liked it? He had the saddest face I have ever seen on him, and whispered 'no'. I thought I heard my heart crack.)

Head over to Sarah's to see more {mobile} captures.


  1. oh that haircut story just broke my heart. i too hate cutting the boys' hair, but the sweat factor, plus getting in their face during swimming mean it must be! :)sarah

  2. He is still such a little spunk though. Even Johnny thinks he's going to have the girls lining up for him when he's older with his gorgeous dark features, and those lips, those lips! I can imagine the hurt though, seeing his face. Xx
    Looking forward to hearing the baby news xxx


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